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Internet Safety

The Internet is a great place to hang out and chat with friends, and it provides a huge amount of information useful for school projects or just for fun.  But there are also dangers involved in surfing the Internet and by being aware of them, you can keep yourself safe.


This site contains articles and resources to help parents make informed decisions about their family's use of the Internet.

NetSmartz for Kids
Games, activities, and parent education about various aspects of children's safety. Great for both kids and parents. is a place for teens and their parents to learn safe, civil and responsible use of the Internet.
This blog contains up-to-date articles about children's safety on the Internet.


Michigan Cyber Safety Initiative
Michigan state information and reports on child internet safety.

FBI Kids
The Federal Bureau of Investigation presents safety information for kids in grades K-5.


1.Always keep your identity private.
2.Do not respond to email, chat comments or Instant Messages that make you feel uncomfortable.
3.If you feel uneasy about something, it’s probably not a good situation.  Go with your gut feeling and stay away!
4.Talk with your parents about their rules for going online.   

Brandon Township Public Library Policy for Internet Use