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Internet Access and Use Policy

The Brandon Township Public Library
Internet Access and Use Policy

The Brandon Township Public Library provides unfiltered Internet access for all adult patrons.

State of Michigan Public Act 212 requires all public libraries to enact policies designed to protect minor children from sexually graphic and other inappropriate material available on the Internet. The library has installed software which allows filtered access for patrons under the age of eighteen.

This software blocks access to web sites about or containing:  pornography, nudity, sexual content, violence, illegal sites, and gambling. Please note that this software does not block web-based e-mail.

Individuals under the age of 18 are required to use a filtered computer if a parent or legal guardian is not present. An unfiltered terminal may be used as long as a parent or guardian is seated beside the child at all times.

Copies of Public Act 212 are available. If you have any questions, please contact a librarian at the reference desk.

1.        Internet access at the Brandon Township Public Library is an extension of the library’s commitment to meeting the community’s information needs.

2.        The Brandon Township Public Library neither monitors nor controls information accessed through the Internet and cannot be held responsible for its content, quality, accuracy or currency. The Internet is a worldwide community with a highly diverse user population and it is the customer’s responsibility to use this resource wisely.

3.        The library provides both filtered and unfiltered Internet for public use.  Patrons under the age of 18 can use unfiltered Internet only when accompanied by a parent or legal guardian (i.e. the parent or guardian must be seated beside the minor patron at all times).  Patrons under the age of 18 may use filtered Internet without direct supervision of a parent or guardian.  Computer use and Internet access, filtered or unfiltered, is controlled by using library cards to access the Computer Access Management System. The computer access management system blocks use by patrons who have more than $15.00 in fines and fees on their library card.

4.        The library reminds parents and guardians that the library does not take responsibility for what their children view on the Internet. The library is making every effort to provide a safe Internet environment for children that complies with existing federal and state law. However, be advised that no filter technology exists that is 100% effective.  Parents and legal guardians are highly encouraged to accompany their children at all times during Internet usage, regardless of the protections in place.                                                                                                                                                        

5.        The Internet work station must be used in a responsible manner, respecting the rights of others, and taking care with the use of the equipment. Computer and Internet settings may not be changed.

6.        The workstations cannot be used for any fraudulent or unlawful purpose, including activities prohibited under any applicable federal, Michigan or local laws.

7.        Patrons should be aware that some material on the Internet and the World Wide Web is copyrighted. It is the user’s responsibility to be aware of the display of any notices concerning the copyright of information on the Web and to respect the copyright laws of the United States.

8.        The library does not condone the use of library equipment to access material that can be classified as obscene, pornographic, or harmful to minors. The Brandon Township Public Library is committed to providing an environment free from sexual and other forms of harassment and hate. Customers are asked not to display on screens and/or print materials that may be objectionable.

9.        Internet access may not be available due to technical problems.

10.     Computer use by a customer is limited 60 minutes at a time.  Extension of the time limit may be granted only if the computer does not need to be accessed by other customers or library staff.

11.     Printing may be done.  Printer copies will be charged by the page.

12.     Library employees are authorized to terminate any user’s access session for up to two weeks if the user has failed to comply with the library’s Internet Policy and/or rules.  The library Director may impose longer or permanent restrictions for violations of the library’s Internet Policy.

13.     Internet users whose access session has been terminated or prohibited may request that the decision be reviewed by the Library Board of Trustees.