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  • yoga
  • Zombie Walk - OCt 31
  • bookface - Nov. 3
  • Pumpkin - Oct 20
  • Tattoo Safety - Oct 22
  • Halloween Lock-in Oct 24
  • Parenting - Oct 27
  • little house - sept 15
  • pokemon - sept 16
  • youth movie club
  • MAP museums
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Library Board

The six members of the Library Board of Trustees are elected by the voters in Brandon Township.

Among other roles, Library Board members are responsible for approving the expenditures of all funds credited to the Library, adopting an annual budget for the Library, appointing a library director and setting policies regarding the use of the Library. The Board also has the responsibility to see that adequate funding is provided and to adopt short and long-range plans for the Library's future growth and development.


 Library Board of Trustees
November 2012 - November 2016

Patricia Salter psalter [at] President
Karen Harrison kharrison [at] Vice President
Royann Hassinger rhassinger [at] Secretary
Pete Burkett pburkett [at] Financial Officer
Ann Schmid aschmid [at] Trustee
Verna Cole vcole [at] Trustee

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What Do You Geek?

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We are sorry, but the Learn About Body Art Safety has been cancelled for tomorrow, Oct. 22.

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