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Reserve a Room

If you have difficulty completing your online reservation request, you may reach us at:

Brandon Township Public Library
Phone: 248-627-1460
Fax: 248-627-9880
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Policy: Meeting Rooms


Section 1: Introduction

The Brandon Township Public Library welcomes the use of its meeting rooms for activities which reflect our mission and values. The Library reserves the right to deny room rental to any group or persons whose mission and values are contrary to those of the Library. Allowing the rental of meeting rooms does not connote sponsorship of the event or the organization by the Brandon Township Public Library, nor does it connote an endorsement of any group’s policies or beliefs.  Neither the name nor the address of the Brandon Township Public Library may be used as the official address or headquarters of any organization renting a meeting room, with the exception of the Friends of the Brandon Township Public Library. Publication of misleading notices and advertisements will be considered a violation of these rules.                   

Section 2: Available Rooms

Two rooms are generally able to be reserved by outside groups: the community room and the conference room. Other rooms might be available on a limited basis depending on the circumstances. Refer to the Room Rentals Book at the Library, or check the Library’s webpage for details on each room.

Section 3: Available Hours

The rooms are available during regular operating hours of the Library Monday through Saturday only. Upon prior arrangement, rooms may be scheduled as early as 8:00 AM or as late as 10:30 PM, Monday through Thursday, for an additional fee. Additional time MUST be scheduled and paid for at the time of reservation. Rooms are not available for rental use after closing on Friday or Saturday and are not available on Sunday. Rooms must be vacated by 8:45 pm Monday – Thursday and by 4:45 pm on Friday and Saturday (See Section 5: Fees, below.)

Section 4: Reservations

Application: An application must be filed to reserve the use of any meeting room. Applications may be obtained by contacting the Library during regular business hours. Applications also can be obtained on the Library’s webpage. Inquiries about room availability may be made over the phone. Reservation confirmation will not occur until a completed and signed reservation form, accompanied by all necessary fees, is received by the Library. Reservations must be made at least 5 days prior to the meeting.

Contact Person or Renter: The Contact Person or Renter (referred to hereafter as “Renter”) listed on the reservation application will be responsible for the payment of all fees. The Renter will also be responsible for ensuring that all Room Usage Rules (see Section 7: Room Usage, below) will be followed by the group using the room.

Priority. The Library and the Friends of Brandon Township Public Library have first priority for the use of all meeting rooms. Other meetings will be scheduled on a first come, first served basis.

Eligibility. The meeting rooms are available to profit and non-profit organizations for meetings and programs. They are not available for social events such as parties, showers, birthday parties, weddings, or receptions. The Renter must be a resident of the Brandon Township Public Library service area (Brandon Township) or a Brandon Township Library card holder.

Frequency. Organizations may schedule a room for no more than one date per month and no more than three months in advance. Library programming will take precedence on the meeting room schedules.

Cancellations. The Library must be notified of cancellations 2 BUSINESS DAYS prior to the scheduled meeting date for the Renter to remain in good standing. All fees will be refunded with proper notification. Cancellations made less than 2 business days in advance will result in forfeit any reservation fees and may result in suspension of future room reservation privileges.

Public Information. Information provided by the Renter on the reservation form may be given out as public information to individuals requesting such data. Notice of the meeting may be printed on the Library’s schedule of events in the lobby.

Section 5: Fees

Each separate room reservation requires payment of a flat fee.

Community Room

  • $80 for Profit Groups
  • $20 for Non-Profit Groups
  • No charge for municipal, school, local athletic, scout, or community service groups.

Conference Room

  • $40 for Profit Groups
  • No charge for Non-Profit Groups
  • No charge for municipal, school, local athletic, scout, or community service groups and unpaid tutors.

Youth Craft Room

  • $20 for Profit Groups
  • No charge for Non-Profit Groups

 Verification of non-profit status may be required.

Usage of a meeting room beyond the normal Library operating hours can be arranged for an extra fee of $50. (See Section 3: Available Hours, above.)

There will be an additional $50 fee charged to any individual or group that overstays its scheduled meeting room time without prior approval from the Library administration.

Additional fees may be charged if extra cleaning or maintenance is required after the room is vacated. (See Section 10: Damages, below.)

Section 6: Room Arrangement and Equipment

The Renter will estimate the number of attendees and request setup and equipment needed at the time of reservation. Renters will make select the room arrangement and required equipment that best fits the needs of the function or event at the time of reservation.

A Library staff member will certify the Renter or his designee in the use of any Library owned equipment. An appointment for equipment training will be scheduled at the time of room reservation.

No equipment may be loaned by or removed from the Library.

Section 7: Room Usage

The following rules govern usage of all Library meeting rooms.

  • All attendees must comply with the Library’s Rules of Conduct.
  • Rooms are not to be used for social events such as showers, birthday parties, weddings, or receptions.
  • All attendees must use the Library’s front entrance.
  • Room usage must not interfere with normal Library operations
  • Maximum room capacity limits must be complied with.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act provisions must be complied with.
  • Meeting rooms must be vacated promptly at the end of the reserved time. If not, a fee may be charged to the Renter. (See Section 5: Fees, above.)
  • Meeting rooms must be vacated 15 minutes prior to the Library closing. (8:45 pm Monday – Thursday, 4:45 pm Friday and Saturday)
  • Materials may not be stored in the room before or after the reserved time.
  • Rooms must be left in a clean condition. If not, additional fees may be charged. (See Section 10: Damages, below.)
  • Materials may not be attached to Library windows, walls, or doors, except in a manner as approved by the Library staff.

Section 8: Admissions and Sales

The following rules govern admissions and sales at events:

  • All meetings must be free and open to the general public. Admission or registration fees are not permitted. No raffles, collections, fees, sales, or solicitations for sales of goods or services of any kind may occur. Free-will donations may be requested, but such gifts must not be required for attending the event.
  • Exception: The Library or organizations affiliated with the Library may collect money for fundraising events where the Library is the sole beneficiary of that fundraising.


Section 9: Kitchen and Refreshments

A kitchen is available for use. Renters must furnish their own kitchen supplies and leave the kitchen in a clean condition. An oven is provided for the warming of food only. The stove and oven are NOT to be used for food preparation, e.g., for cooking for baking. All paper supplies, food, and drink refreshments in the kitchen are the property of the Library and are not for use by renters.

The Renter may bring in simple refreshments, e.g., coffee, donuts, punch, cookies, cold cuts, fruit, veggies, cheese, crackers, etc. RED or PURPLE beverages are NOT permitted. Wine, beer and other alcoholic drinks are not permitted at anytime.

Section 10: Damages

The Renter assumes responsibility for all damages to the room incurred during usage. Costs will include actual repair or replacement costs plus Library staff time. A minimum of $25 will be assessed if special cleaning is required.

Section 11: Liability

All organizations using the Library meeting rooms take the premises “as is” and assume all risks of injury, including death, to members of the organizations, event participants, and spectators, which might arise out of the event activities or out of conditions present within the Library facilities. Users of these rooms will agree to defend, indemnify, and hold the Library harmless from any loss, damage, liability costs, and/or expense that may arise during the event or be caused in any way by use of the Library meeting rooms. The Library is not responsible for loss or damage to any exhibits or material left in any meeting room or for the personal property of those attending any meeting.


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