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Contact Brandon Library


Brandon Township Public Library

304 South Street | Ortonville, MI 48462
Phone: (248) 627-1460 | Fax: (248) 627-9880

For Administrative, Payable, and IT inquiries please call: 248-627-1464

Frances Hotchkiss Senior Staff Member 248-627-1462
frunnells [at ]
Kathleen Rocheleau Administrative Assistant 248-627-1464
krocheleau [at]

Adult and Teen Services

Dan Hutchins Librarian 248-627-1461
dhutchins [at]
Ben Peterson Associate Librarian 248-627-1460; ext. 1471
bpeterson [at]
Sara Ault Library Assistant 248-627-1461
sault [at]

Youth Services

Frances Hotchkiss Librarian/Department Head 248-627-1462
frunnells [at]
Robin Loughlin Assistant Department Head 248-627-1462
rloughlin [at]
Lynn Kimmel Librarian 248-627-1462
lkimmel [at]
Tonja Brice Library Assistant 248-627-1462
tbrice [at]

Circulation Services

Gail Carpenter Department Head 248-627-1472
gcarpenter [at]
Katie DeVolder Customer Service 248-627-1460
kdevolder [at]
Kathie Miller Customer Service 248-627-1460
kmiller [at]
Joellyn Hammond Customer Service 248-627-1460
jhammond [at]
Sara Ault Customer Service 248-627-1460
sault [at]
Sue Warner Customer Service 248-627-1460
swarner [at]
Erika Todd Shelver 248-627-1460
etodd [at]

Facilities Services

Brent Stringer Department Head 248-627-1460; ext. 1507
bstringer [at]
Greg McClellan Facility Services 248-627-1460; ext. 1507
gmcclellan [at]
Roberta Swift Housekeeping 248-627-1460; ext. 1507
rswift [at]